Story, Animations & Editing

'Vali' was born in 1982 in Stuttgart, Germany. Since 2003, he is studying Media Computer Science (Diploma) at the Stuttgart Media University. Recently he is working there as a tutor and as freelancer for 3d artworks and computer animations. After his first short movie and computer animation "Redemption" was finished, he began to write another story. Almost three years later "Nightfall" received its premiere at the Medianight in Stuttgart.

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Ivelina was born 1982 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Since 2001 she lives in Germany and studies Audiovisual Media (Bachelor) also at the Stuttgart Media University. When Vali was amid his work he heard her amazing piano playing he convinced her to produce the soundtrack for "Nightfall". Seven months later she accompanied and mastered the digital sound recordings on piano and led the dubbing of the instruments.