Many spambots roam the Internet for email addresses to send massive advertising or to perform phishing attacks. Websites with plain HTML-codes are a favourite target of these bots. But there is a way to make your e-mail address accessible and allow visitors to send you a E-Mail. The visitor’s browser must have enable JavaScript. Here is the code to show a simple E-Mail in HTML-document.

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The following example is a simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) Flex 4 contact book application using PHP 5 & MySQL 5. We create a contact list with an Spark-ItemRenderer, an simple e-mail validation and a image uploading script. This application is useful when you need information about a simple communication between client and server, using the XML standard. The XAMPP-package is a useful tool to test this application on your PC. You can also use another server, please change the URL-Request-pathes in your application.

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